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John Bevan working on Prototype hydrogen electric car
John Bevan is Bevantecnics, with 30 years working in all areas of auto and motorsport (WRC especially) wiring and electronics he has a wealth of practical knowledge.

Practising the 'dark art' of getting electrical systems and engineers working perfectly together means that John has travelled the world working with the biggest names in rallying as well as commercial projects.

There isn't an auto electrical problem he can't figure out - but he's still trying to figure out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets.
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All types of Automotive Electrical consultancy

- Project leadership / lead engineer
- Motorsport wiring / systems consultancy
- Concept and prototype systems design
- Wiring systems architecture and integration
- Solution finding diagnostics and installation
- Any auto electrical challenges
and many others which would just be bragging to list...
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